I had one job — just one. On this particular Sunday afternoon, that job was to edit, convert and post HD video onto a website. Somewhere between mouse clicks and sound levels, I found myself in conversation with two African worship leaders — one from Kenya and the other from Nigeria — enamored by the tech setup used to bring excellence to ministry.

Caught in the midst of trimming video clips and exporting files to an external hard drive, the conversation grew to include another worship leader who led us out of the production suite and into a small music room a few yards away.

And that’s when it happened.

With him on guitar and my playing piano for the first time in years, we all found ourselves in a majestical wave of praise and worship. I was playing songs I had heard on the radio but never studied. The African ladies carried a harmonious alto into the atmosphere. Others came and began to worship God with their lifted hands. I was still in awe that the anointing touched my muscle memory to guide my fingers across familiar keys to play unfamiliar songs with memorable meaning. This lasted for an hour before we prayed safe travels for the ladies and walked our peaceful spirits back into the suite to complete editing.

Unplanned, unrehearsed and unexpected… in this experience, God did what He wanted to do with His children. I was encouraged to be surrounded by those who don’t mind surrendering to the will of God even when they’re not on stage, on a program or on the solo list. I was empowered to play an instrument, that I cherished for decades, with the ease and dexterity I had when I used to play for hours.

We represented three countries, two continents, and One incredible God. We collectively experienced the freedom of praise, the transparency of souls uninhibited by salvation, the joy of anointed talents and the sovereignty of God to surge His presence in the midst of an otherwise random situation.