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Upon the Confession of Your Faith

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I recently baptized someone for the first time. He was a young man in his 20s, with shoulder-length dreadlocks and dark brown skin. We shared a lot of similarities and now we were about to share a new one, as he made a public declaration that Jesus Christ was the Lord of his life. Upon the confession of his faith, he was turning his life around.

We were both nervous. I hadn’t been in a baptismal pool since I was baptized in the early 80’s. My pastor gave me simple instructions: raise your right hand, place your other hand behind his lower back and be ready to cover his nose and mouth when lowering him into the water. The water was warm (Thank God). There must have been a hole in my borrowed hip boots as I could feel the water dampening my legs. This was nothing compared to this young brother standing chest deep in water wearing a white shirt, shorts and tightly fitted durag over a shower cap.

I promised him it would only take three seconds. It was actually 1.5 seconds. His life changed forever and his journey to glory begins. I will never forget his face underneath the water and the pressure on my arms to lift him back into the world. There was nothing special about the water, his outfit, the screaming congregation or those hip boots. The change happened inside of him before he came to church and before I was assigned to baptize him. His new direction is my eternal reminder that the obedience of water baptism is the byproduct of spiritual renewal that no one initially sees or sometimes feel…it’s just who you are.

It’s who I am.

Dying of Thirst

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Dying of Thirst is a message encouraging believers not to quench their thirst with the temporal things of the world; but to thirst for God and the living waters of Jesus Christ, who is the Only One who can save us from spiritual dehydration and fill us with the waters of eternal life.

We live in a society where we aren’t being killed, shot and hung for being Christians; yet, we are we suffering from spiritual dehydration. It’s making us confused and it’s effecting our decision-making. We’re tired and some of us are to the point where the enemy has convinced us we don’t need to move.

If you stay spiritually dehydrated, you’ll eventually become fatigued and therefore it’s hard to fight the good fight of faith when you’re tired. When you’re spiritually dehydrated for an extended amount of time, the enemy has you on auto-pilot. You won’t have a desire to quench your thirst; you won’t have the energy to care. And it is at that point of spiritual dehydration, when your spirit begins to shut down, shrivel up and die.

He wants us to stay thirsty, shrivel up and die but you don’t have to die of thirst because God is our living water.

We Need A Few Saved Men

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I’ve seen the face of hopelessness and his beard was immaculate. The sunken eyes of shattered dreams rest securely behind the tinted glasses of designer frames. Anger and rage pulsate in veins that throb against dress shirt collars kept close by bowties and sportcoats. The battle lines for souls are drawn across the strong chest that’s covered in orange jump suits; blanketing a bleeding heart that beats inside a cage…subconsciously begging to be saved.

When I see my brother making a conscious decision to get saved and give his life to Jesus Christ, it is a victory won against the enemy that sought to destroy him. And I understand the road to salvation is often paved with discouragement, challenges, temptations and dangers.

Upon salvation, it often gets worst as you have made yourself the enemy’s prime target. Through salvation, the miracle of God transforming every circumstance into a catalyst for glory — is a wonder to behold, if we hold on to faith until it overrides fact. It energizes my spirit to see men…young men…young, black men…make that decision to choose life when the world shows, practices and ultimately wants to administer death.

The world has always had good men. Now more than ever, the world is in need of saved men. I’m beyond ecstatic to see them transforming before my eyes – one baptism at a time – because there’s so much work to do. There are so many lives to be revolutionized. There are so many families to be built, restored and rescued. There are so many businesses and organizations that require a saved man’s leadership. There are communities whose vitality hangs in the balance and waits for the intercession of saved men with steps ordered by God to do the impossible and change the world.

Regardless of the calamity shared in our society’s media, I know that a few saved men are being made everyday. The battle is on and popping. The war is already won. All we gotta do is give our time, talents and treasures to the Lord.

I praise God that a few saved men can do with Him what a few good men could never do without.