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If You're Scared Then Say That You're Scared!
28 December 2017

Scared people will do anything. There’s no strategy. No calculated move. Nothing. All that matters is the moment at hand, their fear and how they can escape. Scared people don’t think, they react. Scared people operate in a chasm of fear — ripping through their life’s journey and causing a rift between reality and destiny. Halting progress, if not stopping it all together. Darkening futures because your light (focus) is solely on the...

Fear Is Lazy But Prayer Actually Works
28 November 2017

Praying is the most powerful tool I have in navigating my day, managing my emotions and interacting with people. Since my youth, I’ve always been taught how to talk to God; but it took some time to learn how to effectively hear from God. Praying for health, strength, victory over illness and protection over my family are no-brainers. Praying in the midst of trouble and seeking God when I couldn’t feel Him has matured me in recent years. This is...

The Replacements, Do You Know What I’m Saying?
1 September 2016

As the cream-filled donut introduces artery-clogging cholesterol, glucose-spiking refined sugar, and unwanted trans fat — the fear-filled words introduce satan’s word system to steal your motivation, kill your joy and destroy your destiny…or so he thought. I’m thinking about what I’m thinking about and placed a proverbial magnifying glass in my everyday speech. How do you sound in response to the world around you? What thoughts are you...