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The Replacements (You Know What I’m Saying?)

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As the cream-filled donut introduces artery-clogging cholesterol, glucose-spiking refined sugar and unwanted trans fat — the fear-filled words introduce satan’s word system to steal your motivation, kill your joy and destroy your destiny…or so he thought.

I’m thinking about what what I’m thinking about and placed a proverbial magnifying glass on my everyday speech. How do you sound in response to the world around you? What thoughts are you embracing and for how long? Are those thoughts promoting fear or strengthening your faith?

I’m replacing it all. Every negative thought, every horrible re-enactment, every highlight reel of disappointment. Each fearful scene comes with a script and the enemy is burning up (pun intended) waiting on me to “read my lines” so that I speak fear, degradation and destruction into my world.

Not today, satan.

Pray like God is sitting in your living room (because he is), speak life into the dead areas of your life. My prayer is that we seek God for the strength to continue our fight of faith. I pray our fear-filled words are replaced with the faith-filled words in our rhetoric. Our lives are a reflection of the words we’ve spoken from the time we learned our native language until now.

So what are you saying?

The Sound of My Father’s Voice

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I never liked the sound of my father’s voice.

Let me clarify. 

I never liked the sound of my father’s voice when he yelled. As someone who grew up in a two-parent household, I was exposed to my dad’s rustling baritone throughout my childhood. He was generally a quiet guy — which amplified his outbursts in contrast to his normal tone. My father is 5’10” and possibly 180 at his heaviest; but those moments when his voice roared, you thought he was ferocious enough to tear down brick walls with his bare hands.

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If You’re Scared, Say You’re Scared

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Scared people will do anything. There’s no strategy. No calculated move. Nothing. All that matters is the moment at hand, their fear and how they can escape. Scared people don’t think, they react. Scared people operate in a chasm of fear — ripping through their life’s journey and causing a rift between reality and destiny. Halting progress, if not stopping it all together. Darkening futures because your light (focus) is solely on the present. Incubating ignorance because we often fear what we don’t know. And to willingly function in fear can paralyze your thinking; thus, impeding your movement towards information, enlightenment and confidence.

“Please don’t hurt me.”

There is a correlation between that phrase and those who have blatantly hurt me with malice and indifference (which is the opposite of love – not ‘hate’). Whenever someone has led with that phrase, they have later proven to embody the exact thing they didn’t want done.

It’s actually comical — the times I’ve had friends, relatives, co-workers say, “You better not hurt her” or “you better take care of her” as if the pain-causing acumen is solely within my reach. Those aforementioned phrases serve as an omen that this is the individual who will actually end up administering pain rather than receiving it.

“God protect us.”

We are all capable and guilty of causing pain to someone – intentionally or inadvertently. It happens; especially when conflicting agendas collide and even moreso when we operate out of fear. We are so scared about what has happened or “could” happen to us that we negate the fact that our actions could potentially hurt someone else.

You hurt her when you force her to pay the fines of someone else’s transgression. You hurt him when his niceness is so refreshingly unfamiliar that you’d rather “end it now before anyone gets hurt” and fizzle your future happiness. When we wait for the bad to happen…it happens. Being cynical and expecting the worst is NOT discernment – it’s pessimism. Trusting God to protect us, praying about our interactions and our intentions (the ones we actually control) can at least offer a balance of healthy cautiousness and sober optimism.

God did not give us the spirit of fear.

Operating in it = not operating in Him.