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Smoke Free Blessing

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The aim of “Smoke Free Blessing” is to encourage believers in that, as we endure the fires of life circumstances, God is with us and He is why we do not and should not carry the residue of what we’ve been through.

We know fire is dangerous; but the greatest risk to our minds, our bodies and our possessions — is smoke.

What If YOU’RE Goliath?

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We love to root for the underdog and I believe that started when we were kids and told the story of David and Goliath. We were encouraged and inspired by the tale of a small shepard defeating the giant warrior. We liken ourselves to David while comparing our problems to Goliath.

As adults, we continue to identify ourselves with the seemingly diminutive nature of David who, powered by the Spirit of God, can topple any obstacle — no matter the size.

If you dig deeper, you’ll discover that Goliath may have been large but his story doesn’t stop at his stature. Goliath wore over 100-pounds of metal armor on his person; making it extremely hard for him to maneuver. Someone else carried his shield ahead for him and had to point out David’s proximity — like a “seeing eye person.” Most importantly, Goliath’s combat training was limited in that he could only fight in close range; therefore, his opponent had to get within his grasp in order for him to inflict any real damage.

Goliath looked massive, but he was burdened with heavy weights that impaired his agility. His vision was questionable and required him to rely on someone else while only being effective in battle if someone was careless enough to get in close quarters.

Burdensome. Blind. Dependent. Effective only when close. Sounds a lot like sin. 

Meanwhile, David was a marksman – the Biblical equivalent of a sniper. His slingshot skills enabled him to hurl stones at the same velocity as a small caliber pistol – with the range of a few hundred yards. He was trained, disciplined and, most importantly, confident in the God He served. He spoke his victory and acted in the favor of the LORD.

Trained. Disciplined. Confident. Victorious and can reach you where you are. Sounds a lot like righteousness.

While we’re touting the characteristics of David, has it ever occurred to you that perhaps we were once like Goliath? Did it ever cross your mind that we were once an unsaved, enemy of God… too blind with pride, ignorance and arrogance to see anything clearly (in the spirit)? The weight of our transgressions made it hard to move towards forgiveness. We depended on people, material possessions, substances and promiscuity to unsuccessfully quench our emptiness. The closer we got to sin, the more entangled it wrapped around our souls — longing to drag us into the abyss of eternal punishment.

But God…

Even in our Goliath state, He sees us as David. A young, eager, nimble child of God ready to make a move in His name. It’s time to stop celebrating David as if we’ve never resembled Goliath. It’s time to ask God to remove the armor of guilt and shame, lose the blurred vision of bad decisions and release the dependency on things that are no good to us — while asking for God’s forgiveness and forgiving ourselves.

I believe it is when we seek God to slay our inner Goliath, that we truly resonate with the spirit and victory of David.

Two Years a Preacher

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On 26 January 2014, I preached my first sermon entitled “Get Down to Get Up.” This message of humility before God, as a catalyst for elevation on earth, is the foundation of my being a preacher. It is my reminder to remain humble in the presence of the LORD and never get caught up in the accolades that often come with being a man of God.

As a preaching son of The Antioch M.B. Church of Pratt City, I’m blessed to serve under the tutelage of Dr. Q.E. Hammonds – one of the most learned, influential pastors in the country. My spiritual learning is enhanced further as I work alongside seven (7) brothers-in-ministry with varied levels of Biblical knowledge and life experiences. My church is compromised of wise elders, progressive adults and brilliant children. We are well-respected in the community and overflowing with love for each other. I am in a blessed place.

It’s been two years since my first sermon and I’ve been privileged to deliver eight (8) Sunday morning sermons in addition to several Words of Encouragement messages on Wednesday nights (after Bible Study). In two years, I’ve been blessed to share at our district conventions, lead our Order of Service and most recently reflect on the theme of our church’s centennial anniversary, “We’ve Come Thus Far by Faith.”

In two years, I’ve attended more funerals than ever before. The LORD and my family saw fit for me to eulogize my 43-year old cousin. Random pit stops at my church turned into teaching bible study with our senior members (i.e., Lunch With Jesus). God continually finds a way for me to serve Him, humbly.

My friendships are deeper. Apparently, my friends weren’t surprised at my call to ministry and I can see where their authenticity has grown in our conversations. Some have refrained from cursing around me *lol* while others quietly encourage me or ask for prayer. I find myself praying a lot with and for my friends. I’m thankful to be able to be a friend to them in that way.

My role as a father has an added dimension. All men are priests of their home; yet it’s different when you’re a single father who’s experienced separation, divorce, long distance and sorrow from not being in the home. Nevertheless, my children are my first ministry and preaching Jesus to them in a way where they can access God in their walk as children, is one of my greatest joys.

I realize that my two years as a preacher has shown me that I can still be a loner (and I’m working on that) when it comes to studying, praying and interacting with people outside of church. I understand that I’m a better writer than I am a speaker.  I’m working hard to allow the eloquence and practicality of my words to leap off the page in a way that my oratory has the same impact. My third revelation is rooted in the power of prayer to revolutionize my situation. It’s amazing. God is amazing.

Thanking God for my two years a preacher and praying I continue to grow in grace for many years to come.