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The Sovereignty Experience
5 January 2018

I had one job — just one. On this particular Sunday afternoon, that job was to edit, convert and post HD video onto a website. Somewhere between mouse clicks and sound levels, I found myself in conversation with two African worship leaders — one from Kenya and the other from Nigeria — enamored by the tech setup used to bring excellence to ministry. Caught in the midst of trimming video clips and exporting files to an external hard drive, the...

Love To Death
30 December 2017

Our world pulsates with the aches of injustice, persecution, and poverty. Our country suffers from the bipolar struggle of relative economic strength, riddled by deviant social constructs — slithering beneath a veneer of post-racial, pro-gender acceptance. Our community embraces the dichotomy of global connectivity through smartphones and the discomfort of making eye contact with another soul. And in this realm, we find love.  I’ve watched...