I didn’t plan on being there. It was a random pit stop while waiting for a friend, mixed with a sudden hunger for egg drop soup. He was there when I walked in – a skinny, dark-skinned guy in his late-30s wearing a tattered black T-shirt and jeans. He hovered in my peripheral view as I ordered my food and sat down to play a few rounds of Words With Friends.

Several minutes later, my friend meets me here. We chat. My food is ready and I decide to eat it now while it’s hot. The scrawny brother remains perched in the corner of my eye. He got his order before me, so he’s at the end of his meal. That’s when he made his move.

He stood and walked towards us, pointing his finger and unleashing a unexpected smile. He apologizes for interrupting, then proceeds to speak on my life, upbringing, ministry, family, career, creativity and concerns. Because God knew I wouldn’t receive it from someone I knew, “he sent a stranger, so that you KNOW that I am GOD and I want you to get My understanding.

In his five-minute revelation, this stranger examined my spiritual awareness and knowledge, but stressed that GOD wants me to move into the application of the knowledge and this would only come from 1) removing distractions and 2) FOCUSING on God. He commented on my current role in ministry and the psychological barriers that I’ve erected with the bricks of past experiences. Every obstacle. Each deterrent. All of my worries. Everything will dissolve when I choose to truly focus on GOD and gain the level of understanding of His Word that I need to progress to the next level.

I need to focus in order to gain His understanding.

It takes more than knowing the Word, but actually applying it. Everyone around me won’t understand my purpose, God didn’t give it to them. God will send strangers to remind you of what He told you. He is God. Wake up. Get focused.