Everything and everyone cannot go with us into the new year. They have no place, add no value and bring no peace to our lives. Yet they are lingering on in the most subtle ways and have a subconscious impact on our minds (and ultimately our lives). I realized this as I was attempting to delete pictures – for the sixth time – of someone I have no interest in contacting again. It was reinforced when I got a random email from someone whom I haven’t heard from in almost a year.

I immediately started writing down elements of “lingering spirits” that passively continue to latch on to our present with the crud (e.g., toxic people) of our past, in order to contaminate our future. I believe if we spend a moment to purge our mental, emotional and technological storage spaces – it will provide additional space in our lives for more positive thoughts, connections and goals that will enhance our quality of life.
Delete those old voicemails and emails.

  1. Clear your chat history.
  2. Delete their text messages.
  3. There’s no point keeping their nudes (yeah, I said it).
  4. Trash the “us-ies.”
  5. Junk the email receipts of stuff you/they bought.
  6. Put those trinkets, tokens of lust, etc. in the trash.
  7. Disconnect yourself from their social media.
  8. Block them from yours (if you must).

If the thought of these actions makes you uncomfortable, that’s why you should consider doing it. I especially encourage my brethren to do it because these connections are truly the silent killers of our most precious asset… time.

I want us to win right now, not in a few days when the New Year hits. Clean the clutter and make room for positive people, a powerful inner circle, helpful information, wise investments and a higher state of mind.

The best way to attract these things is to be these things.