Nobody Cares

Nobody Cares

Nobody cares. That’s the thought I fertilized in my mind over time. It’s not that I thought people were being malicious, but I wasn’t on the hearts and minds of folks in the first place, Nobody care. Two words I used to neutralize the hues of my blues, so I don’t float to high high nor sink to low. But if God called me to move forward, how do I begin to go?

Past highlight reels evoke emotions I don’t want to feel. The myriad of wrongs done to me and by me — still try to torment me as I pray, study and grow as a child of God.

Nobody cares. That’s the lie I told myself until today. The mind of God took the same two words and gave them BRAND NEW meaning. Nobody cares. All the past I’m holding on to; nobody care. All the guilt of not being where I think I should be; nobody cares. The pain of my past revisited; No. Body. Cares.

I let it go today. For real. The freedoms in knowing God loves me and has forgiven me…wow. Nobody cares how broke I was or how depression use to have me. I had to let it go because who I was can’t go with me to where God sees. Me.

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