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It’s Time to Change Our Cry

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At the beginning of the year, I wrote a post about Bartimeus and how he changed his cry from tangible desires to a need for deliverance. This stayed with me for several weeks until the Lord gave me a sermon to write on the same subject.

If you change your cry, Jesus will change your life. The truth is that we got it all wrong. We are crying out for these things because we believe it will greatly improve our quality of life. Things only last for period of time. Even if it lasts a lifetime, when you die it won’t go with you. A true life changing experience that lasts a lifetime on this earth and beyond, only comes form a relationship with Jesus Christ.

After Bartimeus gained his vision by his faith in the Messiah, he got rid of his cloak, his uniform and began following Jesus. He didn’t have to beg anymore because he had a relationship with Christ.

Smoke Free Blessing

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The aim of “Smoke Free Blessing” is to encourage believers in that, as we endure the fires of life circumstances, God is with us and He is why we do not and should not carry the residue of what we’ve been through.

We know fire is dangerous; but the greatest risk to our minds, our bodies and our possessions — is smoke.

Dying of Thirst

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Dying of Thirst is a message encouraging believers not to quench their thirst with the temporal things of the world; but to thirst for God and the living waters of Jesus Christ, who is the Only One who can save us from spiritual dehydration and fill us with the waters of eternal life.

We live in a society where we aren’t being killed, shot and hung for being Christians; yet, we are we suffering from spiritual dehydration. It’s making us confused and it’s effecting our decision-making. We’re tired and some of us are to the point where the enemy has convinced us we don’t need to move.

If you stay spiritually dehydrated, you’ll eventually become fatigued and therefore it’s hard to fight the good fight of faith when you’re tired. When you’re spiritually dehydrated for an extended amount of time, the enemy has you on auto-pilot. You won’t have a desire to quench your thirst; you won’t have the energy to care. And it is at that point of spiritual dehydration, when your spirit begins to shut down, shrivel up and die.

He wants us to stay thirsty, shrivel up and die but you don’t have to die of thirst because God is our living water.

The Sound of My Father’s Voice

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I never liked the sound of my father’s voice.

Let me clarify. 

I never liked the sound of my father’s voice when he yelled. As someone who grew up in a two-parent household, I was exposed to my dad’s rustling baritone throughout my childhood. He was generally a quiet guy — which amplified his outbursts in contrast to his normal tone. My father is 5’10” and possibly 180 at his heaviest; but those moments when his voice roared, you thought he was ferocious enough to tear down brick walls with his bare hands.

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I Was To Die For

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The three of us sat in the production suite, sharing our perspectives on God’s validation… how He sent His son to die for us. From this conversation, we prayed for miraculous creativity and synergy as we weaved a lyrical tapestry of spoken word verses to be performed and broadcasted on Resurrection Sunday. Our brainstorming session transitioned to a video shoot in a Downtown Birmingham loft; with backdrops, DSLR cameras and precious daylight shining on our workflow. This was all for Jesus. He paid it all for us.

No one aligns timelines like Our God.

We were anticipating the arrival and worship leadership of GRAMMY® nominated Anthony Brown, fresh from his record-breaking win at the Stellar Awards. This video was scheduled to be a segue-way to Brown singing “Worth” in front of a congregation of 3,000+ members, visitors and friends in person and online. Ironically, I watched the final edits remotely on my iPhone while everyone else experienced it live in the sanctuary. I’ve always said I had the face for audio, but God’s words were channeled through my voice and captured through my brothers’ anointed, cinematic vision.

The rest is… YouTube.

I pray this will be a positive multimedia tool in ministry and definitely a unique level of expression that transcends my comfort zone and meets people where they are.

You Need to Let Go

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I admit that I find myself sometimes clutching the things, that are no good for me, out of familiarity or fear. If I keep it super funky, it’s not that I want to hold on to what’s bad for me; but I’m afraid of what will happen if I let go and fall into the abyss of uncertainty. God said to trust Him and it’s my daily prayer that I do.

Lord Send a Revival

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Lord knows I needed a revival and my church’s Fall Revival was exactly what I needed to reaffirm the promises of God and the work I need to do. Our revival featured my brother-in-ministry, Pastor Daniel Iman Johnson of First Baptist Church Cropwell. This young man is awesome. How awesome? I edited and posted his revival sermons on my YouTube channel.

If you want to get super blessed, add this playlist to your YouTube diet. 


Get This Work

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A message of encouragement demonstrating how God is working your life situations out for your good.


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This is a message of encouragement for us to MOVE in our purpose in order to improve our quality of life and the lives of those around us. The scripture (John 5:1-11) explores Jesus healing the lame man at Bethesda pool and illustrates how modern day sick people are in need of a transformation. Jesus provides that healing and change in the form of a question, “Would you like to get well?” followed by the command for the lame man to stand up, pick up his mat and walk. The miracle is in the movement and we must MOVE in order to get the healing we seek.

Nothing in His Hands

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Samson has always intrigued me and this messages explores the life of Samson at the genesis of his ministryand how we all share his strength, challenges and destiny.