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Category: Thoughts

8 Lingering Spirits That Can't Go Into 2018
27 December 2017

Everything and everyone cannot go with us into the new year. They have no place, add no value and bring no peace to our lives. Yet they are lingering on in the most subtle ways and have a subconscious impact on our minds (and ultimately our lives). I realized this as I was attempting to delete pictures - for the sixth time - of someone I have no interest in contacting again. It was reinforced when I got a random email from someone whom I haven't...

More Bounce To The Ounce
11 December 2017

I beat myself up. Despite the countless blessings present in my life, I often run a highlight reel that bounce my thoughts back to every bad decision, costly mistake and shameful act I’ve ever done. With the sound of the spinning film reel slapping against the projector of my mind, a blanket of melancholy drapes over my thinking. A gathering of painful sentences bundled themselves in my spirit, attempting to make it as cold as they were: ...

5 Reasons Why You Can't Afford To Be Bitter
9 December 2017

“bitterness |ˈbitərnis|” n. the experience of anger and/or hatred felt as a result of a real or imagined wrong done. This is the real silent killer…eroding our souls and bodies from within. We aren’t designed to hold bitterness – it’s like pouring battery acid into a styrofoam cup. In a world full of external negativity; our true, imminent danger is found in bitterness — feasting on our faith and destroying our future. The cost...