Years ago, I dated someone whose previous relationship was abusive. As a result, whenever I would reach out to hold her hand, give her a hug, etc. — she would jump away from me. I wouldn’t do anything to harm her, but her reflex was in response to what had happened to her.

My life journey has taken some dark turns. I’ve experienced emotional trauma that was equally damaging to my perception of the world and levels of optimism. I could feel my countenance shift from sincere to cynical, from positive to pessimistic and from happy to hesitant. My reflex to expect the worst was in response to what has happened to me.

Trauma can potentially display an illusion into your future that’s being projected from your past.

Despite those dark turns, God kept me. The trauma was temporary while God’s love remains. The damage to my optimistic nature was repaired by the realness of God’s grace, protection, sovereignty and mercy. I have felt the power of the Holy Spirit move through me and shift catastrophes into celebrations. I’ve witnessed God dismiss the laws of nature in order for His Will for my life to go forth. I have to praise Him in response to what has happened to me.

Praise is the key that unlocks the solution to your problems.

When you direct your energies towards the One who gave you energy to expel, He delights in your genuine praise. Jesus died so that we could be in right relationship with His Father. It may be hard, but I challenge us all to embrace the accessibility to the Creator of the universe with our faith and our praises.

PTSD – Praising The Savior Daily – can literally make all the difference in the world.