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Give The Gift Of Goodbye
27 November 2017

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye. I Never Can Say Goodbye. Kiss and Say Goodbye. My iTunes music library contains more than 190 songs with the word goodbye. As a culture, we are infatuated with saying goodbye; more importantly, we are obsessed with the difficulty and dramatic fashions in which we struggle with saying goodbye. There is an inherent perception of success in gaining things while, conversely, there is often a stigma associated with...

For Real For Real
24 November 2017

What happens when you believe in limitations? I’m not talking about speaking negativity; but what about speaking faith over dreams that are beneath the factory settings God placed in you before you were born? I was given dreams as a child. I pulled them out of the shrink wrap and exposed them to the elements of peers who laughed, a family who belittled, media who distorted and life experiences that diminished the fresh, new plastic smell of my...

The Dichotomy Of Loving And Hating Being Different
27 October 2017

Why do we revel and ridicule being “different” at the same time? How dare we snuggle into the comforts of life made possible by those ingenious enough to create what wasn’t there. What do we gain from condescending those who go against the grain? When are we going to admit that we admire the bravery it takes to be different and do what has never been done, to travel the path less worn and express unpopular feelings amongst a sheepish...