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Faith Speaks and Fear Needs to Shut Up
1 December 2017

In a season where I’m “learning how to speak,” God is speaking to my faith. He’s spoken prophetically through strangers – saying things about me they wouldn’t know in the natural. He’s confirmed instructions through the colleagues I speak with the least (but connected to Him deeply). God sent new people as catalysts towards my new future and purpose. They speak confirmations and share The Word of God in a way that has convicted,...

Why I Will Never Have A First Lady
30 November 2017

The first panoramic view from the pulpit often gives me a sobering pictorial of my reality. Universal images of gum chewers, crying babies, and sleeping congregants are par for the course. My eyes always find their way to the front, where she likes to sit. Her headgear is large enough to balance a small fruit basket. Her smile gleams almost as bright as that diamond ring on her left hand. She’s fresh dressed — like a million bucks; with...

Fear Is Lazy But Prayer Actually Works
28 November 2017

Praying is the most powerful tool I have in navigating my day, managing my emotions and interacting with people. Since my youth, I’ve always been taught how to talk to God; but it took some time to learn how to effectively hear from God. Praying for health, strength, victory over illness and protection over my family are no-brainers. Praying in the midst of trouble and seeking God when I couldn’t feel Him has matured me in recent years. This is...