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The Sunken Place
6 December 2017

The purpose of this sermon is to encourage believers that there is hope and restoration in the midst of our storms and we are never too low for God to reach...

It's Time For Some Mind Renewal
5 December 2017

Growing up in the church I saw countless of broken people find their way to the altar – crying, snotting and shaking for God to change their lives. Surrounded by the pastor, ministers, deacons, and members, God’s presence washed over them with comfort as they proclaim to make Jesus their Lord and Savior; thus, beginning their walk with Christ. As a kid, I wondered what happened in their lives to warrant such a public, humble outcry. What had...

Time To Go Back To The Future
2 December 2017

Our society is obsessed with time travel as a means to go back to the future and alter events in hopes of a better outcome. The truth of the matter is we often derail our progress with “intelligence-challenged” decisions. We paint short-term desires on a long-term canvas and find ourselves frustrated when the picture, intended to be a masterpiece, hangs in obscurity on the hotel room walls of mediocrity. That’s not what we were meant to be....