This is blog is about my journey as a preacher of the Gospel. For several years I’ve accumulated many accolades for my work in the online and social media space, but only what I do for Christ will last. This is where I’ve chosen to chronicle my thoughts, musings and situations as a minister in an extremely honest way.

This space is for me. First and foremost.

I’m new to preaching, but not to ministry. I’ve ran from this calling for nearly 20 years – doing everything from choir director/musician to the guy who updates the church website. I’m excited to be able to capture this path from its first steps. While my writings will vary from introspective to externally focused, I hope something is written to inspire, encourage and demonstrate that while I am just a guy with a few gifts – God is the source of all the good I have done or will ever do.

Being Fave has been fun. I’ve been able to embrace music, visual art, writing, marketing, branding, etc. My course has been paved with amazing people and some have evolved to be dear friends. I’ve gone places I never imagined. I’ve endured pains I didn’t know existed. I’ve survived tribulations I never thought I could withstand.

And I wouldn’t have been able to do so if not for the grace of God and His mercy.

I understand that all those things were just the beginning. The real excursion begins now. This blog is not about beating you down with Scriptures, professing how holy I am or how holy you are not. I’m a new creature, but I’m still human. I’ve been called to preach His Word, but my life challenges have only intensified. I’m led by the Holy Spirit, but my flesh still wants to do its own thing at times. Because of my calling, I’ve moved up on Satan’s hit list.

It’s real out here and this blog is about helping me deal through writing what I feel and what I’m led to share. Along the way, I pray someone feels me – even if that someone is only me…lol

Thank God I’m forgiven.