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Hi, I'm Trel Robinson aka Fave.

I’m new to preaching, but not to ministry. I’ve run from this calling for nearly 20 years – doing everything from choir director/musician to the guy who updates the church website. I’m excited to be able to capture this path from its first steps. While my writings will vary from introspective to externally focused, I hope something is written to inspire, encourage and demonstrate that while I am just a guy with a few gifts – God is the source of all the good I have done or will ever do.

I’ve been able to embrace music, visual art, writing, marketing, branding, etc. My course has been paved with amazing people and some have evolved to be dear friends. I’ve gone places I never imagined. I’ve endured pains I didn’t know existed. I’ve survived tribulations I never thought I could withstand.

And I wouldn’t have been able to do so if not for the grace of God and His mercy.

My Skills

Graphic Design
Digital Illustration
Music Production

Latest Posts

Preaching Is On The Job Training
30 April 2014

When I told my pastor I was called to preach, one of the first things he said to me was that this process included “on the job training.” Since my last entry, I’ve been very active in mi...

Digital Ministry
28 August 2014

Debating whether I’m going to post the audio of my messages as a podcast on this site. For seven years, I hosted my own podcast celebrating indie music, but this is taking things to another l...

Discovering True Wealth
4 December 2014

The term “true wealth” is synonymous with monetary prosperity and substantial financial gains. Even in the plight of economic growth, true wealth is built on the concept of positive, proactiv...