Why do we revel and ridicule being “different” at the same time? How dare we snuggle into the comforts of life made possible by those ingenious enough to create what wasn’t there. What do we gain from condescending those who go against the grain?

When are we going to admit that we admire the bravery it takes to be different and do what has never been done, to travel the path less worn and express unpopular feelings amongst a sheepish society?

We applaud those who think outside the box. Unfortunately, the majority of us have allowed fear to overshadow zeal with the enormity of complacency as our shade. The dichotomy of wallowing in the mire of mediocrity, while loving those who are different – thus ushering so much creativity into the world – is mind-boggling.

Ironically, this love is why I don’t understand why we work so tirelessly to stay in it and teach our children to do the same.