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I Got It But I Still Can’t Get It

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The mind is the first Wikipedia – so powerful, that we’ve managed to thrive on this planet with 10% usage, on average. It is the storage facility for knowledge and wisdom; although the knowledge shelves are stacked high, wisdom spaces echo with desire to fill their vacancies. You can hold all the knowledge and still be as dumb as a wet pillowcase full of nickels.

I was introduced to the term “transformation tourism” today. Seth Godin summarizes the concept wonderfully:

Merely looking at something almost never causes change. Tourism is fun, but rarely transformative.

Many of us are taking a tour of our own lives. This is why you got so much, yet we’re still out here trying to get it. We have more medical and physiological information than any generation before us, yet our life expectancy is shorter. There are more MOCs (millionaires of color) than ever before and I have yet to attend the ribbon cutting of new banks or credit unions. The Word of God has thousands of translations available through traditional and digital media to reach the dustiest crevices of the most desolate third-world countries — but Christianity suffers at the height of global persecution in present-day society.

If knowledge is the content, then wisdom is the application of said knowledge. We want the satisfaction that comes from the event of getting things (i.e., relationships, houses, cars, jobs, toys, etc.) but struggle with the discipline needed for the lifestyle of having things (i.e., maintaining the acquisition).

We got the books, supplements and workout clothes, but can’t get in the gym. We got the self-help books, but can’t get past the first 12 pages. We got the powerful Word from God on Sunday, but can’t get through the drama of Wednesday. We got the wedding memories, but can’t get a marriage future.

We must discover and re-discover the habits that embrace the application of our knowledge that will bring us wisdom to enhance our quality of life spiritually, physically, mentally and professionally.

Love to Death

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Our world pulsates with the aches of injustice, persecution and poverty. Our country suffers from the bipolar struggle of relative economic strength, riddled by deviant social constructs — slithering beneath a veneer of post-racial, pro-gender acceptance. Our community embraces the dichotomy of global connectivity through smartphones and the discomfort of making eye contact with another soul.

And in this realm, we find love. 

I’ve watched Facebook statuses evolve from devastating bouts of loneliness, depression and longing for human touch – to engagement photography in beautiful, green parks. Digital tears, short circuiting the flow of funny videos and selfies, are now dried up by the sand of beach ceremonies. These mad dashes toward God with lifelong promises range from the seemingly haphazard to the meticulously orchestrated; yet they all reach the finish line with a kiss.

And in the wind of this bliss, we find death.

Inexplicable and sudden, death seems to be on a spree where anyone can be taken. I’ve watched my sister depart with preparation. I’ve been saddened by the loss of a hero, despite my subconscious anticipation. From those closely woven to my lifeline, to creative juggernauts whose expression cascades across my generation – death is going ham in 2016. It cannot be stopped, yet I pray for its deceleration.

Then appears the question… are you ready? 

Where is my level of preparedness for either scenario? My soul was custom manufactured to love, but I’ve tainted my capability from constant exposure to perverted interpretations of what love really means. What’s unfortunate is that I was taught as a child that God = love; therefore, anything that does not point back to Him could never give back to me something good. How can I be ready when I see things, people, feelings and circumstances through a smudgy lens of painful experiences I have yet  to fully release?

And though I long to love my family, my friends, my brothers, my children, my church, my community, my society and my dark, twisted world… how long will it take for me to get it right before death comes to transition me out of here?

Love will transition you out of indifference. Death will transition you out of carnal bondage. Both are poised to guide you towards someplace eternal. Neither are responsible for your condition upon their arrival. That’s on you.

That’s on me. 

I just want to love to death. One is an action waiting to be associated with your spirit. The other is a moment that shifts you into an eternal somewhere. Both have an inevitable impact that correlates to our level of preparation.

Are you ready?


Sticks and Stones

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The purpose of this message is to encourage those who are battling a giant in their lives by deconstructing/changing the perception of our adversary; while reaffirming that the promise of God, the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit guarantees victory over any and every challenge we encounter.

The giant is going to die.

It doesn’t matter if you grew up going to church every Sunday or if you have never set foot in a sanctuary chances are you have at least heard of the story of David and Goliath. It is the classic tale of “little guy vs. big guy”with the little guy winning in the end. This is where our culture gets its love of “rooting for the underdog” – where a small-sized boy can face and triumph over a bigger, badder and more ferocious giant.