September 15th is perhaps the most significant, memory-packed day of my life. There are a myriad of strong moments that occurred to me on that date – from births and deaths to initial callings from God and would’ve been wedding anniversaries. This year marks yet another unforgettable moment on this fateful day…it’s the day I was diagnosed with diabetes.

This diagnosis, told casually by my doctor’s nurse over the phone, ushered an initial wave of disbelief, fear and anger. Until now, I’ve never had a health issue. I feel just as good now as I did twenty years ago. I’ve never had a major illness, never had a hospital stay or an ambulance ride. I can’t even recall the last time I had a cold. Now I’ve found myself at the pharmacy counter picking up MetFormin and being blessed with a glucose monitor and test strips from my dad. After all these years, the attack on my health has finally reached my doorstep.

And I’m going to punch it in the mouth.

For the past six weeks, I’ve been working out with a personal trainer recommended to me by my brother-in-ministry, Pastor Daniel. I keep a food journal and I walk/jog an additional 6-8 miles outside of my 3x per week training. I met with a nutritionist this week who helped me create a game plan of changing up how and when I eat. I have many titles attributed to my name, but ‘diabetic’ is one that has to go and the good news is that I do have an opportunity to turn this condition around and put this wretched disease in reverse until it backs up out of my life.

This doesn’t negate the fact that I’m still very concerned and trying to put this whole situation into perspective. While walking on my lunch hour I was reminded of the other September 15th milestones; along with the countless other miracles and blessings that have happened in my lifetime. I was reminded of the hell from which God saved me. He brought to my remembrance the times I should’ve died or been severely disabled. God showed me the highlight reel of His greatness in my life.

And just like He blessed me immensely in the past – I believe God is going to use this circumstance to bless me, and those around me, in the future.