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Digital Ministry

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Debating whether I’m going to post the audio of my messages as a podcast on this site. For seven years, I hosted my own podcast celebrating indie music, but this is taking things to another level. Granted, I only have 3-4 sermons under my belt and who knows when I will share again (except for my cousin’s funeral this Saturday).

I struggle with coming across arrogant vs. sincerely sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Either way, I just want to be a blessing to those who get their encouragement digitally.

Heavy Week

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My cousin passed away this weekend. Not some random, distant cousin — I grew up with him, we were only three years apart and as he was a big part of my childhood. Now he’s gone and his mother has asked me to do his eulogy this upcoming weekend. I’ve attended several funerals this year and I’ve been learning about the proper “flow” of funeral services from my pastor and brothers-in-ministry. I didn’t plan on eulogizing a close relative so soon or ever; yet here I am.

Speaking of brothers-in-ministry, one of my brothers, Eric, lost his dad this weekend. His father was a prominent preacher in his own right and his departure has sent waves of sadness throughout the community. More importantly, my brother is hurting. His father’s funeral is also this weekend and we are going to support him however he needs.

My other brother-in-ministry, Aramis, is being installed this weekend as the new pastor of Saint John Divine M.B. Church in Milton, Florida. I’ll be boarding a bus at 6am on Sunday to be there with him as my pastor shares a Word during their 11am service.

In the interim, I started working with a personal trainer today and I have a few media clients to manage in addition to my 40-hour work week.

So what does all this mean?