Two weeks ago, I was asked to volunteer my time and talents on the Pastor’s Love Day Committee. He’s celebrating forty (40) years of preaching and the church is having a huge gala for him downtown. I designed the poster and video promo for the event – which was announced today at church.

What God inspired me to create was beyond mediocre – although it was par for the course in the world of corporate america, where I learned to build and implement world-class creative strategies. I’m simply happy to be used to do things for the kingdom in an excellent way. This was not done without pushback, but God showed me that I don’t have to dilute my destiny for the sake of others who don’t yet understand. My job is to take them higher with the my God-given gifts.

Revival is this upcoming Tuesday through Thursday and YES, I need it. I’m in a challenging place in my life and although I’m optimistic…I’m also human. I thirst for an encouraging Word to carry me through to the next level; meanwhle, I plan to bring my A-praise instead of my complaints and take as much strength from the revival that I can hold.

I’m preaching next Sunday morning. Thank God for Wednesday night bible study “Words of Encouragement” – which has allowed me to work on organizing and delivering my sermons. This will be my third time in the “big pulpit” and my prayer is that the message I share will bless someone’s life.