I walked towards the lectern as my pastor commented on my suit and bow tie. The congregation carried a curious vibe throughout the sanctuary. They weren’t used to seeing me. I just joined Antioch last June. I’d been helping/hiding out in the media control room on Sundays – learning the cameras and sound board. Being an unfamiliar face and arriving at the lectern, located stage right of the altar, increased the crowds curiosity.


It was the longest three minutes ever as I informed my newly acquired church family that God had called me to the preaching ministry. My parents stood up, flashing their cameras and smiles. Someone yelped like my pug used to do when I accidentally stepped on his tail. I assumed it was a shout of approval.

I asked for their prayers and support as I began this new journey – a venture I should have started almost 20 years prior…but that’s another post. 

The following week, I met with my pastor who informed me that my first sermon would be in approximately 30 days. I was scheduled to bring the Word on 26 January 2014 at our 11am service.

Yeah, he did that.